Nana Yaa Poku Asare-Boadu is a British born interdisciplinary performance artist of Ghanaian heritage. In her work, she weaves a movement vocabulary of dance, speech, sculpture and video that complements and challenges histories of improvisation.

Deviating just so from dance-contact, Asare-Boadu considers how improvisational forces explore the self and relational entities both animate and inanimate. This repertoire of movement tests the possibilities of sensuality, with Asare-Boadu meandering between stoic and seductive postures that navigate how affect, audience, and architecture inform the physics of the black female body.


Autumn Breon is a Los Angeles based interdisciplinary artist that creates art that investigates the visual vocabulary of liberation through a queer Black feminist lens. A graduate of Stanford University, she studied Aeronautics & Astronautics and researched aeronautical astrobiology applications for NASA. 

Her examination of contemporary art throughout the African Diaspora began when she was living and working in South Africa. Through inquiry-based interaction, she invites audiences to participate in the examination of freedom, intersectional identities, and Diasporic memory. Using a variety of media – including installation, performance, and collage – her qualitative and quantitative research processes provide the foundation for reimagining and creating systems that make current oppressive systems obsolete. Breon’s work has been recognized by Artsy, the Smithsonian Institution, Aspen Institute, TED, the Obama Foundation, Artnet, Time Magazine, and the New York Times.

Barthelomew (Bart) Cooper is a contemporary artist based in Los Angeles, California, with roots in West Africa, Liberia, immigrating to the United States at the young age of six years old, where he would later study fine art, sculpture, and graphic design.

From a young age, Cooper was inspired by the vibrant colors and breathtaking scenery of his homeland, leading him to visually record the world around him. His work is heavily influenced by Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci, American illustrator Norman Rockwell, and American artist Ernie Barnes. His signature mixed medium, acrylic style merges traditional African values with a westernized American culture, and has gained him a number of celebrity clients and private collectors both nationally and internationally.  Cooper's work is a reflection of his own experiences growing up with customary African values in a westernized American culture, and invites viewers to engage with and consider the intersections between tradition and technology.

Clairfoster Josiah Browne is a self taught artist from Los Angeles. His artistic inspiration was sparked at a very young age, moved by the support of his fourth grade teacher. Through this support, he was able to explore the world of art, and he began to cultivate and refine his talent. Another important influence in his life was a visiting community leader from Africa whom Clairfoster hosted during his stay in Los Angeles and highlights an African Proverb taught by this individual, "If you want to travel fast… travel alone. If you want to travel far… travel with others.” 

Currently, Brown also works as a graphic designer and owns his own company, Klerforest, and a collaborative company, Unequal People. Additionally, he also mentors inner city youth through Faith in Christ Ministries and S.A.Y. Yes (Saving America’s Youth). In his work, he embodies living in a race-less world, that by inclusion rather than exclusion, we can travel much farther. He is particularly drawn to youth populations because he understands how his path was forged at an early age. He works with old, abandoned pieces of wood that have been discarded by the roadside, that transform into a depiction of Clairfoster's perspective of life. “No matter where we all have been in our lives - broke, broken or discarded - we still can be reshaped”. 

Trokon George Hill is a visual artist from Liberia, a US Navy Veteran and a Filmmaking graduate of the New York Film Academy. 

Hill explores many different lines of work throughout his artistic processes such as photography, film directing, creative direction, cinematography, artwork, fine furniture and carpentry.

Devin Mercadel is an African-American audio/visual artist, raised between South Los Angeles and South Texas.

His art is multipurpose and expressed in various forms: canvas, aluminum and acrylic print, clothing, furniture and music, among a number of other mediums. His approach to craft is much like meditation where each piece, down to each line, shape and brush stroke, is meticulously designed with intention and feeling. The triangle is Mercadel’s signature shape, being found in almost every aspect of his work and meant to evoke the interconnection between mind, body and soul. Each pattern and print is heavily influenced by Mercadel's life experiences thus far, as he continues to connect the dots of his own journey with his local community and culture. Wishing to inspire humanity through his work and art, he leaves the interpretation of each piece to the viewer: “It’s what YOU make it.” 

Jerekre Okoriogha is a first-generation Nigerian-American born and raised in Los Angeles, California. He has a background in Fashion Design with a degree (Associate of Arts, Certificate) from Los Angeles Trade Technical College. 

His works lean toward the complex nature of simplicity, minimalism, and the study of an object’s character through its changes from textile to garment. He has a goal of understanding the trial and error method and allowing the purity of experimentation and play to dictate the outcome of any project. The love he has for fashion design has stimulated a later appreciation for fragrance design yearning to drape the air with comfort, pleasure and/or nostalgia.Embracing the fine art of fragrance, he is tasked with the privilege of painting a picture for the mind’s eye. Fueling the imagination through scent to show beauty in all its forms.

Anthony Oshinuga is a competition air racer and aerobatic artist. Anthony has maintained a status of monumental accomplishments and achievements that have made aviation history. In 2018, Anthony was featured to be the first African American pilot to perform in the Arctic Circle. The performance was held in Alaska at JBER Air Force Base and he was flying his Pitts from San Diego to Alaska. 

Anthony has a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering. He is a published author, professional Aerobatic Pilot, Reno Air Race Pilot, and Motivational Speaker. He has been featured on CBS Sports, NBC Sport, Discovery Channel, iHeartMedia Radio, Flying magazine, AOPA Magazine. Taking flight 3 times a day 300 times a year, he operates his own flight touring business, AirOshi, providing clients with a scenic view of the Southern California wineries from the sky.

Miles Regis is a Los Angeles-based, Trinidad-born artist that seamlessly intertwines fine art and fashion design, utilizing a diverse array of materials to create large-scale mixed media paintings. His canvases feature dimensional collage elements such as denim, buttons, leather, printed matter, sequins, and eclectically sourced textiles. With a rich palette and gestural techniques, Regis crafts stylized renditions of fundamental scenes, conveying themes of love, loss, freedom, survival, activism, and living history. Rooted in humanism, his work draws from emotional experiences of exotic cultures, presented with a modern twist through stark black and white structures contrasted with vibrant hues.

Regis, known for his eye motifs, encourages viewers to delve deeper into his art. Beyond traditional mediums, he has embraced Virtual Reality, constructing interdimensional visual worlds layer by layer. This innovative approach, paired with his original electronic beats, results in kinetic and seductive journeys into Abstract Expressionism hyperspace. Regis' creations adorn the permanent collections of Intel Corporation, California African American Museum, and Senegal's La Musee Borindar. His art has been showcased at Art Basel Miami and Coachella Arts And Music Festival, and he has collaborated with entities like CNN, Art For Amnesty, Adobe, and Tonny Sorenson. Regis' unique fusion of art forms and mediums marks him as a visionary in the contemporary art scene.


Brandon Tory is an American rapper, songwriter, record producer, software engineer and entrepreneur, who has successfully navigates the intersection of music and technology, challenging the notion that one must choose between two seemingly disparate careers. Growing up in Brockton, Massachusetts, Tory had a passion for hacking and taught himself to code. He faced homelessness between ages 15 to 18, but later, music and computer programming became constants in his life.

Brandon founded Formless with the belief that creativity and technology are one and the same. In his previous role as a Staff Engineer at Google AI, Brandon led a team of engineers at the intersection of Research and Machine Intelligence (RMI) and Search. Prior to that, he was a Senior Engineer at Apple in Cupertino working on multiple releases of iOS during the company's historic rise to a $1 trillion valuation. In the music industry, Brandon has worked with industry legends such as Timbaland and Dallas Austin (Grammy Award Winner and SongWriters Hall of Fame).



Ciara Zoe is a multidisciplinary artist creating empowering visuals based in Los Angeles, CA.
Their writing and directing work of the past 5 years often explores identity, liberation, otherness, and community through an experimental lens. Zoe is best known for her 16mm short film “Portrait of A Caged Bird”, originally exhibited by the Huntington Museum in 2021. Other adventures in directing include video work for Apple, as well as, photographing and directing Nike LA’s “Redefine Sports” campaign. Zoe’s most recent short film "Haven" is in the Academy Museum’s current exhibition: Shifting Perspectives: Vertical Cinema